Learn Spanish travelling.

This 20 day, 70 hour excursion can accommodate individuals or small groups. Because, as you’ll see, this experience is so contextual we can’t estimate fixed prices, so please contact us if you’re interested and we can determine a price based on your specific needs.

The Travel ItineraryIMG_3226

You arrive in León and, during the first two weeks of your classes, do a home-stay with Nicaraguan families. Next, we hit the road to León Viejo—the ruins of the original León Imabite near Puerto Momotombo on Lago Xolotlán. There we will have a guided tour about the first settlements created by the conquistadors

We’ll continue on to Masaya, a small town not far from Managua that is famous for its extensive markets. In addition to strolling through the markets, we’ll also drive up the Masaya Volcano. We’ll spend the night in Masaya and students will take mini-tours with their teacher and practice their Spanish first-hand while doing various activities around town.


The cathedral in Granada.

The next morning we’ll embark on the one hour drive to Granada, another Nicaraguan colonial city. Granada is brimming with sights to see and cultural activities to participate in. While in Granada you’ll learn about the 9th century, characterized by the struggle between various political interests and the determination of Managua as the capital city of Nicaragua.

The next day we’ll visit Rivas and San Jorge en route to Ometepe, an island with two volcanoes (Maderas and Concepción) in Lago Nicaragua. We’ll spend two nights in Ometepe which is filled with pre-Columbian landmarks, so we’ll enjoy both history and nature at the same time.

San Juan del Sur

A view of San Juan del Sur from above.

The next and final stop is San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua’s tourism and surf hotspot. However, we’ll see a different side of San Juan and explore the small fishing town’s hidden past that most people don’t know about. After two nights in San Juan del Sur, we take you to the airport or a hotel in Managua and your journey with us will be complete!

In order to ensure that you’re learning Spanish the entire time, your teacher will join you and the trip and will help you practice Spanish throughout the entire journey in real life contexts.

Below is a table that breaks down the travel and Spanish practice you can expect each day, however the language component various for each person based on their previous Spanish experience (if any!). As always, if you’d like to learn more, contact us! We’re here to help.

travel itinerary