Vocabulary training


Her finner du vokabular som handler om mat og matlaging. Oppgavene er forskjellige, noen er kryssord, andre er å organisere ord til setninger. Alle oppgavene er selvrettende. Du får tilbakemelding med en gang.

The Imperative: Giving Orders in Spanish


The imperative (el imperativo in Spanish) is used to give orders. If you want to tell someone to turn a light on, for example, or to stop doing something, then you’ll need to use the imperative in Spanish. In addition to issuing commands, the imperative is used to: to give permission to offer something to give […]

Understanding Spanish Past Tenses


When it comes to learning Spanish, the overarching problem is that there are so many more ways to say things in Spanish than most other languages, especially English. That means that Spanish language learners are often tasked with having to expand their understanding of language in order to conquer it — and Spanish past tenses are […]

The Difference Between Ser and Estar


There are a few things that tend to trip up first time Spanish language learners, but perhaps the most prominent is the difference between ser and estar. They both mean “to be,” but they’re used differently in Spanish. While this can seem really complex, difficult, and sometimes even insurmountable in the beginning, trust us — […]