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All of our classes are customizable and cost is determined by both the type of class you would like as well as how many hours you would like to study.

We offer classes with professional teachers with up to masters degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, to conversational classes whith no grammar, just practicing Spanish.

We recommend 15 to 20 hours per week or more for maximum results.

All courses are possible in combination with homestay.

For more information, exact prices, or to reserve your spot, get in touch here!



New courses for TEFL-students.

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1. Total Immersion

  • 60 hours of Total Immersion classes start at $600. One to one with teacher.
    With 2-4 persons in the group: $450

2. Backpackers Spanish course:             Starting every Monday at 1.30.

Beginners and Intermediate level

  • 30 hours of Preparation for Travel classes start at $149 and require a minimum of 3 students.
  • 20 hours course for backpackers – one week. $100 – Require a minimum of 3 students.

 3. SIELE Exam    –   Arranged with UNAN León

  • Preparatory courses contact for prices

4. Conversational classes

  • 15 hours a week 120$ per person with 2 students per group. $100 with 3 pesons in the group.

5. Intensive course with homestay

  •  20 hours Spanish course one to one with teacher and homestay for one week – 275$

Learn Spanish Online

  • Any of our classes can be continued and conducted remotely, following the same price structure, through Español al Mundo.