is an excellent alternative for learning Spanish as a foreign language. With able persons and the rich Spanish in Latin America and its culture. We have both native speakers and foreign teachers with long term experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. We offer classes in León and at the beach in our new study centre, Casa Elisa. here you can stay, study, enjoy the beach, surf and go for trips to other attractions in Nicaragua.

“My language skills are improving with each day!” -student


María Soledad Lorío, the founder

has two Bachelor degrees, one in English-Spanish Translation and English Teacher; she is also an Elementary Teacher. Her English work environment as English teacher, translator, interpreter, etc. helped her to be aware of the importance of Spanish for communication in this globalized world, so that since her time at the university she has been teaching Spanish as a Second Language.

During 20 years as Spanish teacher, she has had the opportunity to work for Spanish Schools in San José, Costa Rica, and for important entities like SIT, Vermont, USA, in Managua, Nicaragua; UNAN, in León, Nicaragua as English and Spanish teacher; Kulturstudier from Norway through UNAN; Formation School Kairós, a non governmental organization, Managua, Nicaragua. María Soledad has been able to combine her artistic background since she has been a cultural promoter in her city, León. That`s why her classes are full of culture and dynamic.